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  • VERT:X | HED - LP

Ltd to 250 copies on frosted clear, black marbled vinyl.
First 30 come with 'BOILDHED 1-3' cdr.
All copies come with a Neil Whitehead art print.
Expected to ship around mid July.

(Picture is a mock-up, actual product may differ slightly).

For over a decade the name vert:x was synonymous with driving, groove laden spacerock. Self-released CDRs and appearances on compilations from the likes of Drone Rock Records and Fruits de Mer culminated in the much lauded vinyl release of ‘From Now To Now’ (The Weird Beard label) – a veritable tour de force of krautrock inflected, psychedelic spacerock. It was at this point that band mainstay Neil Whitehead called a brief hiatus to rethink the band’s direction. Thankfully this break was a short one and Whitehead returned with Mat Handley (Pulselovers) and Dave Millsop (XOND) in tow.

This new trio bonded immediately and the initial result was ‘Death To False Motorik’ (The Weird Beard) – a huge, meaty album that beautifully showcased the band’s new motorik direction. The new album ‘HED’ builds on this….and then some!

Right from the get-go with opener ‘Glow In The Dark Codex’ (complete with a guest appearance from Stephen Bradbury from Black Tempest on vocals) which wears its NEU! / Kraftwerk influences on its sleeves, the triumvirate of Whitehead (bass), Millsop (guitar) and Handley (electronics) draw the listener into a magical kosmische world in which Dinger and Rother are kings. ‘Danaë’ demonstrates a beautiful delicacy of touch while the closing bruiser of a track, ‘Witch/Thief’, goes from cosmic ambience to something huge and muscular over the course of 22 mins.

The accompanying Ltd CDR (‘BOILDHED 1 - 3) is the band in a more noisy, experimental mode. Whilst still based in motorik it sees the players riffing on the theme; Handley’s electronic trickery creates some unsettling atmospheres while the Whitehead & Millsop bass/guitar attack adds to this with some serious freakouts in places, covering everything in a thick layer of fuzz.

‘HED’ is the work of musicians who are not only on top of their game but also students of music...they have created something authentic and yet original. Lovers of all thing motorik and kosmische will fall in love with this record.